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Goals for ANC 1A01


  1. Strengthen relationships between residents and local businesses – attracting small business to fill vacant commercial property.  Our neighborhood is stronger when residents and businesses work together.

  2. Neighborhood foot and bike patrols during “peak” hours during the week and weekends particularly when neighborhood bars and restaurants are busy and after they close.  While foot and bike patrols will make residents feel safer, it is also important that we know our neighbors and promptly report suspected criminal activity.  Together, we can create a safer, friendlier community.

  3. Ensure affordable housing options are available.  One of our neighborhood’s best characteristics is its dynamic mix of people and smart affordable housing is one way to ensure it remains a permanent feature. 

  4. Hold landlords accountable; strengthen enforcement of zoning rules and compliance with fire code.  Work closely with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, ANC1A, and neighborhood groups to make it clear to landlords that they must follow the law.

  5. Establish partnerships with the Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration (APRA) and non-profit organizations to address alcohol or substance abuse issues exhibited along 14th St where individuals have “passed out” on the sidewalk.  As a neighborhood, we must not become a gruesome illustration of the “bystander effect” – where people are less likely to intervene if others are present because each witness assumes someone else has already taken action.

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