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What is an ANC?


The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC)

is the Voice of the Neighborhood.  ANCs were created

in part to improve constituent service in the District. 

If residents or businesses in the neighborhood need assistance getting a hold of the appropriate District official to solve a problem, this is where to turn.  The Commission also has the authority to weigh in on infrastructure and development projects, public policy issues, and regulatory applications – such as alcoholic beverage licenses, historic preservation review, and zoning requests.  The ANC does not create laws or make final rulings, but the Commission’s positions and decisions are given “great weight” by all city agencies and boards.


Each Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner represents a Single Member District (SMD) of approximately 2,000 residents.  ANC1A01, located in Northwest, begins at the intersection of 16th Street and Spring Road; East on Spring Road (Even Numbers) to 14th Street; South on 14th Street to Ogden; Northwest on Ogden Street to Spring Place; West on Spring Place to 16th Street; North on 16th street to Spring Road, the point of beginning. 

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